Bear Creek

Just came back from 3 great weeks of recording with Brandi Carlile. She and her band are incredible singers and songwriters. We recorded at Bear Creek Studio,
outside of Seattle. Bands like the Foo Fighters Lionel Ritchie Soundgarden, The Lumineers and Blonde Redhead have all made some great records there.
The producers were Brandi and her long time band members and collaborators Tim and Phil Hanseroth, and co-producers Ryan Hadlock and Trina Shoemaker. Ryan most recently made some records by Blonde Redhead and the platinum selling debut album by the Lumineers. Trina Shoemaker is the engineer and producer on Rated R by Queens of The Stone Age, Sheryl Crow’s self titled album as well as The Globe Sessions. We got some incredible sounds and great live takes of the band’s new songs. I can’t wait for it to come out!!