Lucy Wainwright Roche record session at Water Music

On January 15 2010 I did a follow-up session for Lucy Wainwright Roche’s upcoming album, which is being produced and recorded by Stewart Lerman at Water Music in Hoboken, NJ .  The record is going to feature many guest artists including The Roches on vocals and Steuert Smith (of the Eagles!) on guitars and keyboards. I’m excited about this recording – Lucy’s songs are witty and poignant and the melodies are very clever and detailed. On this session, I used a cajon and several other small percussion toys as well as my Nodar Rode custom drums. Here is an overhead view of the setup:

The Nodar Rode drums include a 20 x 15 kick which I left pretty open. a 12 x 8 rack tom, and  a 14 x 14 floor tom. I also used my Ludwig Acrolite snare. The cymbals pictured are Istanbul 13″ signature Hi Hats, Istanbul 21″ Special Edition Jazz Ride with 3 rivets, and a Zildjian 22″ thin Constantinople hi-bell. I used the Vater “Monster Brush” a fair amount on her songs for a full, but softer backbeat.

The mic set up: and AEA stereo ribbon overhead mic
a Neumann M49 as an overhead
a Neumann KM 84 on the hi hats
a Neumann Fet 47 a few inches in front of the kick drum
and an SM57 on the snare.