Tag: Vater

  • Soundcheck at The LA Forum

    Here’s a clip shot by Nate Wlazelek from Black Crowes soundcheck at the LA Forum this past summer.  

  • Hi Tops 2 Hi Hats interview

    Fun interview with Jason Tobosa for his podcast Hi Tops 2 Hi Hats – check it out!

  • Secret Magic Control Agency

    Here’s a clip from a session for the film score for the new animated film Secret Magic Control Agency – which is currently #1 on Netflix this week! It features Naren Rauch, Tim Lefebvre, and the Budapest Scoring orchestra.

  • Podcast interview

    Honored to be interviewed the other day on my buddy Jon Solo’s podcast about touring musicians – we talk about my experiences in New York as a jazz student, the different bands I’ve played in and my trips to study music in Brazil. Check it out here! https://latecheckoutpodcast.com/2017/05/24/brian-griffin/