Since seeing Prince live at Madison Square Garden on January 18th, I have been very interested in the roots of stage shows. Prince’s stage show was spectacular – with no one minute overlooked. Choreography, crowd interaction, lights, costumes, and a band and a set list that is perfectly crafted and rehearsed. It dawned on me that the Prince concert was following a tradition that was created and refined by artists such as James Brown. In my research I found this video. I hope I can some day play in a band that is as tight as this…
James Brown and the Famous Flames, Live at the TAMI show in 1964.

James Brown – TAMI Show 1964 from Mark Jeffries on Vimeo.

One response to “Speechless”

  1. Yup! Those guys were awesome! In those days, your sound was distinctive . . . your own. Not like Pop music today.